“Two hearts beating as one”


There is a deep interconnectedness of all life on earth, from the tiniest organisms, to the largest ecosystems, and absolutely between each person.” Bryant McGill

bear creek

The spring fed creeks and rivers come from our sacred Mother Earth, and give us energy and the medicine of life – our clean waters, where trout and salmon abide.  We take loving care of what we hold as sacred, beginning with self.   I was abused and I abused.  I am restoring myself to sanity (balance).  Walking in balance is the 12 steps and red road (the path of the heart).  The sun dancers pierce as a reminder to feel the pain of those who are suffering which helps us feel and heal the pain.  Our pain and the pain of the people.  We dance around the Tree of Life.  Our old elders (old growth) are dying, and we must dream a new dream.  To hold the elders in the highest regard as our greatest resource.  Quit cutting our forests for export and greed…

Medicine Wheel Garden

  Become centered in your essence, which is holy.  Only take what you need and leave more than what you take so that our children may eat the fruits of naturally grown food and clear and clean water.  I am drum maker, a farmer, a poet, a clown, and king, a magician, a lover, a magician and a fool.  I am the first and last of my nation.  I honor my dark and my light, knowing that both are necessary for life.  Had I come as a pioneer to Carson Washington, I would have been amazed at the giant Trees, the abundance of elk, deer and native trout steel head and salmon dwelling there.  Life was abundant and alive.  The old cultures only fished and hunted for food enough to get through the winter and felt the sacred interconnections of life, and they blessed the hunt and taking of life with prayer, knowing and respecting all life.  Mandi and I can

Tree of Life

hear the ancestors at bear creek singing at night.    We must break the spell of “more is better” and return to the wisdom of gratitude.  The rule of gold has misplaced the golden rule.  Drumming, praying, sharing and meditation all help prepare us for the great shift that is happening that will bring together the people rather than divide us.  United we stand!  The hands and the heart.  We look forward to sharing our land with our family and friends through our Ceremonies, workshops on drum and rattle making,  and teaching and healing circles.  Blessings, Patrick

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