Many best selling books have been written about being in the present and seeing things clearly, yet not a lot about how to practice this.  In our home is a small ping-pong table  that Mandi and I have used for years.  I also use it in my classes to teach mindfulness and tracking.  I practic

Taylor and I at play

e using both hands.  Learning to drum requires finding a center where both sides can work independently and interdependently.  I have played hitting every other shot with my off side, thus doing something physical to restore me to sanity(balance).  In indigenous cultures walking in balance is walking in sanity, as sanity is defined as balance.

In Toltec teachings, tracking is a way to release barriers to our freedom of choice: “to see or not to see” is the question.  When I have the courage to stay with the ball all of the time, I am practicing another kind of mindfulness.  In my 500 hours of post graduate studies in play therapy and addiction, I learned so much about myself that was so much deeper than using pen and word, ie steps four and five.  An inventory is a balance of positive and negative, and successful business have a bit more income flowing in than going out.  When we apply these principals in “all of our affairs”, we are feeding the white wolf more than the black wolf, and a balance is ideal. 

To appreciate you is to elevate your value.  In AA, they told me they would love me until I could love myself. 

Little Jasmine is caught in the spell of  “victim”  consciousness inflicted by predatory women, and as with most “pride blinded” is blinded to the truth.  Jasmine won’t look me in the eye.  Carried shame runs deep in addicts/alcoholics who “use” their children,  and still practicing black magic, who take the path of self destruction. and are so self absorbed that they think only in terms of win/lose. I now have healthy women in my life who can model real and authentic.  In facing my demons inside and “hitting bottom” in my addiction to alcohol, I was able to build on a solid foundation.

I thank my God for the real and authentic friends – those precious few that lighten my burdens!  “Don’t hear the words, listen to the music”

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  1. I think gratitude list help to see your position or bring some light into your foundation to freedom. A spark from a light worker, friend mentor. Joyful to see you have overcome your darkness! Live in Love, janice. Thanks

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