The Winter Solstice

I have grown to appreciate rather than dread this time of year.  The “return of the light” is a wonderful metaphor for the true meaning of Christmas – giving our presence to those we love, our extended family and friends.  This is the true meaning of the season.  

In our physical bodies, our last breath must precede our rebirth…those things, ideas and clutter that I hold on to and am not using can be released on the winter solstice.  The beliefs that restrict me, hold me back and limit me… I can release to the light.  The birth of the highest within is only attainable through the death of illusion.  The Buddhist path out of suffering begins with seeing the world as it is, not how we would like it to be or “should” be.   I wish all of you a wonderful solstice, Christmas or whatever you worship.  Our lodge is filling up fast for the Winter Solstice sweat on Saturday the 17th.  If you would like to come, you are dsc00053welcome to be a part of the Ceremony and pot luck afterward , even if you don’t come in the sweat lodge.  Some have expressed that they would like to come and need rides, so let me know if you have room for ride share.   – Our lodge is in Carson, WA, 50 miles east of Portland.  As we have limited space, let me know by phone or email if you would like to participate. Our seven week “Teachings of the North” Class,  right after the New Year, still has spaces, so reserve one if you would like to attend.  Blessings, Patrick and Mandi

Tomorrow night is our first Wednesday, Men’s Drumming Circle, hope to see  you there!  Blessings, Patrick and Mandi

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