“The Breath of Life – North “

 Each of the thousands of drums I have made is unique. Each one calls for my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies to be in balance. The walk around the wheel is first to complete our own wholeness. Then you can walk with another who has completed their wholeness. The North Direction happens every night when we “fall” asleep. In the yearly cycles, North is air and The cold winds of the north – the winter time. The turning of the wheel is constant, and anytime we “attach”, we fall from grace and ease.
     The breath is Prana – our life force. The breath leads all movement.  Our prayer in this “gathering time” is.. “Thank you for the breath of Life”. Our first breath is when we come through the portals of our mother’s gateway – thrust into a strange new world. Our last breath is our going back home to the spirit world. AA’s first step involves a deflation of our false pride and self centered fear. Ego death’s we survive are much like that – very painful. The insatiable desire to “be right” rather than be real and authentic. Setting our intentions for the new year is much different than “resolutions” which we delight in making, and delight more in breaking. Lasting change is gradual. Health clubs thrive on New Year’s resolutions, as they know the ones who stick around are few.
      Come explore with us the ancient wisdom and teachings of the wheel of life and wheel of death.   In the circle, all can happen!  Beginning Tuesday Evenings, January 10th from 7-9 p.m. in our “Heartspace” (above the store).  The winter is time for quietness, listening to our dream, meditation and prayer…quieting the mind so that still small voice can be heard. Blessings, Patrick

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