My first drumming circle

Last Night, I attended my first drumming circle, and it was one for men only. Our host, Patrick, a Native American healer, spiritual guide, and long-time drum craftsman, opened sacred space and invited in the sacred masculine by speaking from the heart. When the talking stick came to me, I introduced myself and shared:

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to be here tonight. Patrick, thank you for opening your space to us all and for welcoming me into this circle of men. My family and I have just moved here from afar, and we are starting a new chapter in our lives. I have had a longing to be in community for a long time, something I have not found until we arrived here, and now that I see this gathering of men, and find myself here among you, I realize I have come home. So thank you for welcoming me. Aho!”

We drummed, rattled, shook, and chanted. We moved, we danced, we barked, we howled. We sat, we communed, we sensed, and…we were. As one gifted drummer and healer has often said, “change your rhythm and you change your life.” That’s from Toby Christensen. Indeed, drum away the low vibration of fear, anger, and other heavy energies, and we make space for higher vibrations of love, peace, harmony.

I will return. I know the way back home.