Making my Drum

I am a creative being who dabbles in many arts and crafts as well as making medicine objects, so I purchased a 10″ drum kit in order to experience making my own sacred medicine drum using materials from nature. The kit found its way into my closet and stayed there for a couple of months. Then, having been invited to paint a sacred design on a drum that was being gifted to a Mayan Spiritual Leader, I was inspired to finally make my drum just in time for a Medicine for the Earth shamanic retreat I attended, at which the drum was initiated into its shamanic life. The drum turned out beautifully, was simple to make, and has a wonderful tone. I made it very tight out of concern for living on the damp coast, hoping this would alleviate any problems with expansion in my climate. So far, so good! I also painted a design on the drum face and the rawhide took the acrylic quite well and seems to be very secure and stable. In my delight with the quality and “feel” of the kit, and the experience of assembling and painting my drum, I’ve ordered more hoops and a full deer hide so as to make more. I spoke directly with Patrick when I placed my order and he was very helpful on many levels, but especially with tips of how to work with the rawhide for larger drums that will live on the damp coast, so as to keep the drum faces taught (Patrick informed me that the smaller drums stay taught better). I’m so pleased to have found Cedar Mountain Drums. Thanks for your offerings, and many blessings to you all.
Jennifer Star