Magical Experience

I went in today finally to buy my drum. It will be used for sound healings with crystal bowls and with Reiki, among other things. I didn’t have a pre-conceived idea of which animal medicine I needed, and decided to let it come to me. Patrick met me at the door and when I told him what I was wanting it for he guided me immediately to a beautiful 15″ Buffalo drum that he said he had just finished recently. The drum spoke to me immediately. We tried several others, but this drum spoke to me in a very special way. I knew it was the drum I came for and apparently he did, as well. I also wanted a rattle and tried a few and again, the first one I picked up was the one I wanted. He told me then that was also Buffalo. I had a feeling of deep reverence and balance. When I got home I reviewed again the nature of Buffalo medicine, and it is exactly what I want and need for myself and for my work. Thank you for the beautiful experience and the beautiful drum!