Grateful and Overjoyed

My very dear Patrick,

To say I am grateful and overjoyed with my drum and rattle does not begin to cover it.

First, the rattle as it was the first thing I saw. I was thinking you’d be sending plain skin or gourd rattle with some kind of bear insignia. When I saw this amazing Bear Rattle, I wept. Her voice is powerful like Bear, her red handle is very beautiful and comfortable. The fur completely astonished me. While I have worked with Bear for a very long time, I have never been gifted any bear fur. It is humbling. I need to order (AND PAY FOR!) a rattle cover for this amazing gift.

The drum is unlike any I have ever used, and sings with the most astonishing voice I have ever heard. A low and powerful and entirely melodious resonance that I can feel as well as hear, a sonic driving unlike any I have ever heard even after only a minute of playing — I was his (or hers? Have to journey to both to discover their names and how I can honor them) from the first beat. The dark hide was unexpected and perfect. I bless the horse who lived and whose skin I now use. I devoutly pray s/he had a good life and death.

The only thing missing was enough business cards! I intend to get a card holder for my studio and display your cards as well as distributing them at my classes. You have a client for life.

If you ever come to Seattle, please come and visit. And I will certainly come see you the next time I am in Portland.

With huge gratitude,