Good nurturing vibes

a Wild person, he did decide to look for a drum, a special drum to bring good nurturing vibes to his story-telling evenings. After many vain attempts where he wandered the dusty plains of Centralia, searching the Ancient Song Lines for inspiration and guidance he did happen upon a Internet Cafe and there did discover One Patrick  and Cedar Mountain Drums–OUT THERE–where no man has ever trod and no woman did plod and the sodden earth hath no footprint…

This very morning it being the twelfth day of the second Month I did drive to the Quarantine sheds close to the bay. Whereupon I did declare my identity and did offer the Frontier Leather Company certificate “13 step program” a la hide tanning process for their perusal.

The Quarantine vet was called. He did read and mumble, and mumble and read and deliberate. And his mumble was a gathering of many voices of the Animal Kingdom. And with expressionless face he did say “She’s right”– which is Ozzie for “I declare this drum worthy of importation.”

Both myself and my Yellow Beetle did float 6 inches above ground as we ventured back to Adelaide. Back in my place of work I did open the box. For the first time I did set my eye upon The Drum, The Elk Skin drum.

Then I did beat. Then I was transported and energised by promised deep rumble, and strange to say people got up from office desks and did dance and make gestures most inappropriate for modern western culture. This drum I thought IS a living being, does transport folk to the edge and breathe fire into their impoverished soul state.

And so the saga ends. I thought you should know. And I say thank you to Cedar Mountain Drums for your help along the way.