From Vermont

Good Morning Patrick
I received my drum and did an awakening ceremony on Saturday. I went out into the woods centered and did a prayer thanking the spirit of the elk and alpaca, also thanking the willow. I said a prayer to you as well for birthing this beautiful drum. I did the the heart beat to the four directions to the creator and Mother I was not quite while while doing this I was in my heart drumming. I was greeted by two deer that startled me as they came 100 feet upon me, they blew and retreated with white tails in the air. I was thankful and grateful that these deer came in and their spirit was present. I was grateful because they usually shy away from noise or a presence. I wanted to share with you because your drum you birthed has beautiful medicine.i love the sound and vibration. I have been practicing and trying to learn different beats my rhythm is off, so that needs work which I believe resonates with my life in general. I wanted to thank you for this beautiful living drum.
With love and gratitude,
Respectfully, Kelly