Drums of Love

Dear Patrick….Found your website from the inscription in my new Cedar Mountain Drum, which I just received Sunday night.  I want to Thank you… I am so blessed and grateful to have received one of those “Drums of Love”…Thank you for the time and love you put into creating it, like no other. It is an inspiring piece of art. I am overflowing with gratitude as a beautiful sister of mine gifted me the 15” Horse/Cedar.  It Is SO Beautiful and the low A(G#) sound takes me on a journey and puts me in a relaxing prayerful trance. I cannot stop drumming. I had no idea what I have been missing in my meditation. I am drumming every chance I get, and I want you to know the drum will always be being honored and respected. I am planning to get a bag for it to transport it to drumming circles. Many of my spiritual sisters, here in the midwest, also have drums and we plan to drum together often.
You have truly found your purpose in life and that is such a blessing from God…Your vision, purpose and mission has resonated with me…I hope to journey to your Bear Creek Heartspace someday…It sound awesome and looks like heaven on earth…..Again, Thank You, Patrick…. Blessings to you, In Spirit,

Your sister