Drum That Spoke to Me

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful place you have. I came in on my birthday with my husband to chose my drum as a gift from my husband. Immediately, I was amazed by what a wonderful shop you have. Looking in from the outside, one would never guess all that is to be found within.  I was made to feel so very welcome and given the chance to choose the drum that spoke to me without feeling pressure or being rushed.

As I picked up each drum and played it, I felt as if this is where I belonged and felt the peace of spirit with me. I chose a wonderful deer skin drum and fur covered beater, or should I say the drum chose me?

I have not been able to stop raving to friends about what a wonderful place you have and am already planning my next trip to your store.
Thank you for offering such a beautiful experience and such beautiful drums!

be blessed…..