A Wonderful Experience

I wanted to write back and let you know that our drum-making workshop was a wonderful experience and everyone who participated was deeply touched by the beauty of the skins (buffalo, elk and moose) and the frame drums we ordered from you. We had 15 participants and still have some moose and elk left for another time. I think everyone felt really blessed. We began our workshop by calling in the directions and asking each person to form an intention for the making of their drums. Then we blessed and thanked the animals and the trees for their giveaway (my husband and I had already smudged them before we used them). At the end of the workshop, we asked the participants to stand in a circle holding their drums and we smudged each drum and asked them to speak about what they were dedicating their drum to or for. It was very inspiring.

Before our participants chose their skins, I read the words about each animal from your website to help them connect with the skins and learn which animal was calling to them with his or her medicine. Several people asked me if I could send a copy of the words around to them, but I didn’t want to do that without asking your permission first. I would like to do that, giving you credit for the words, of course. Would that be okay with you?

One woman asked about the source of the skins. I told her that I knew you were from the Portland, OR area, but that I wasn’t sure where the skins came from. Would you be willing to share with me where the skins come from so that I might share that information with her?

I know that we will place another order in the future. Thank you for helping us to make this a rich and powerful experience for the men and women who were there.
Blessings to you,