A Magical Experience

I wanted to let you know I made my drum on July 2, 2004. It was a truly magical, Divine experience.

I put the Elk hide and lacing in a kiddie pool to soak on July 1. The pool was outside under a tree. That night, the moon moved into fullness – it rose around 9 PM, shrouded in a peach/pink glow. I was happy the drum would be receiving the full moon’s energy. Later that night, a tremendous thunder and lightning storm moved through from the north. I woke up to the thunder at 2:30 AM. My heart stopped when I realized the drum was also receiving the enormous energy of the Weather Beings. I was very grateful.

The next morning I began making the drum. I set up outside next to a lake, under pine trees. I honored the four directions, earth and sky. I built a fire and consecrated it using the offerings of the Huchol tradition – tobacco, copal, chocolate and wood. Half way through making the drum a thunderstorm popped up out of the blue. It moved across the lake, and a downpour ensued. Again, I was amazed and grateful that the Weather Beings came to bless the drum.

Thank you for talking me through the drum-making process – it gave me the confidence to actually do it. The drum came out great, with a beautiful range of tones depending on the humidity. My wish is that every time the drum is struck, that the energy and blessings of the Elk, the Cedar, the full moon and the thunder and lightning are sent back out into the world.

Thank you, Patrick, for the work you do in providing drums, drum kits and other sacred objects. May the circle of blessings continue.

Love and blessings to you and yours,