Here is my drum story. You may use my whole name. I have nothing to hide. It’s the name given to me by Spirit in a quest, and made legal the same year. It is my own name and I will keep it for the rest of this life. Vena.

The Power of My Cedar Mountain Drum

The large drum I bought last year is a spiritual power. Spirit directed me to buy the drum, the size, the Eagle painted on top. It was to be used for healing, despite the fact it’s a pow wow size drum. Spirit was very definite about my getting the drum from Cedar Mountain Drums and nowhere else because of the high vibration of drums, drumsticks and everything I’ve bought from Cedar Mountain.

Turns out the drum heals body, mind and spirit. I never ask for any specific healing. Everything I do is in the context of “God’s will be done.” I don’t want to put my two cents worth in and get in God’s way.March 20, 2005

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