Spirit and Business

img_2226-2I wrote many years ago how competition was the chief source of separation of our work and our spirituality.  Finding what I loved to do was actually uncovering the path of ease and grace.  Following my own heart, my intuition, the bear and heartspace, I found a place to heal my own trauma and wounds. 

In making safe space for me, I can offer that to others who come to us,  making safe space for healing.  I am blessed to have both bear creek and our store and home in Portland.  This gives me the balance of relaxation and intensity, which feeds my Scorpio nature.  The old ones teach us to walk in balance with work, play, love and worship.  When there is an absence of the sacred, we rob, pillage and plunder our mother’s rescouces which belong to all of the people, and is the future of our species.  Lack of trust feeds our fear thoughts and reduces us to survival mentality –  into the love of money rather than the love of our earth family the rainbow family.    Our elders and ancestors taught us to prepare ourselves for our death, thus when you have made amends to all you have harmed and worked the steps of recovery, amazing things will happen.  When I awaken to the abundance that spirit give me, I can feel the thanksgiving in my heart!  I was raised in a conservative Christian family, and so appreciate my brothers and sisters.  I have found with the drum another way that gives me great joy and gratitude for what I have.  

As we move towar01bfc869a48389f7556941e492f7064353ef388010d the Winter Solstice, let us remember that the most all of the peacemaker taught us to love one another and care for your brothers and sisters.  The greatest gifts we can give is our presence to those we love and care for. 

In birthing and running Cedar Mountain for almost 30 years with a lot of help from my friends, I have learned much about the simplicity of life and keeping my business right size.   Have more appreciation for your gifts and what you treasure in your heart.  See the beauty and acknowledge the beast.  The drum brings us back to our original memory in our heart, and helps break up the trauma and fears that isolate us.  To have a drum and not use it is like standing in a church waiting to be struck spiritual – we need drummers and drumming to break up the spells that the illusions cast on us. 

I bought a turkey with more than enough for my family, and we15101892_1443850828963019_1827387231_o invite our friends with no family to share our meal on Thursday.   Let us know, and we can prepare for more than us – bring a dish to share.

  The Winter Solstice is the time of greatest darkness like what surrounds us at Standing Rock, where the lines are being drawn.  Greed or protection of our common resources for future generations.  In recovery, I learned the simple lesson of gratitude, which is to see the light rather than the dark.  We have been dealt a trump, so we have to play the hand that is dealt.  Do not give up before the miracle happens, we are close to shifting the consciousness like “the hundredth monkey”.

  Tomorrow night is Shamanic Journeying, and I hope to see you here as we journey together for guidance from our ancestors!.  Blessings, Patrick

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