Snow Damage and Opportunity


I haven’t been able to get out to bear creek, but my neighbor who has a large four wheel drive truck informed me this morning of the snow damage to our shop and well house at bear creek.  This winter has been the worst in memory

gaping hole in shop roof

for Bear creek, and has left a lot of damage to be repaired.  I have many friends with the skills to repair and replace, and I ask for your help in getting our roof repaired, our new well house of cinder block and stopping all of the leaks to our 42′ X 48′ steel building.  All donations to Heartspace can be made through our website to help restore what we have created for future generations, and to continue to build toward the future.  Philanthropy is giving our time, talent or treasure to those things that resonate with our deep values.  Bear Creek is where we have a refuse away from the city to do Ceremony, grow gardens, create drums, rattles and products and fund the vision of an economically sustainable community.  I certainly have learned much  by my 13 years as a property “owner”, how to care for what I hold sacred and to learn from my “mistakes”.  As I once heard, Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement!  Bear Creek has no insurance I can call on.  Hope to see you this week for Shamanic Journeying – Mandi is in London till next Sunday, so I could use some help from my brothers and sisters!  Many Blessings to my beloved family, Patrick


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