Other Drums

Drums are important to indigenous cultures throughout the world. Whether African, Middle Eastern, Indian, Caribbean or Celtic, drums reflect the heartbeat of a variety of people on our planet.

WGhana_864D13e carry a variety of African Hand Drums from Mali, Ghana & Senegal, including djembes, ashikos, sabars, and boogeraboos. Not all the drums in our store are represented here, please call us for availability.

MRemoBuff16any people ask us about weatherproof Native American Style Frame Drums. We have found the Remo Buffalo Drum to be a great substitute for natural drums in extreme weather situations. Because they are 100% artificial, they are also vegan, and contain no animal products. Their sound is quite close to our natural hide drums, and they also can be painted if desired.

OthBoudramer drums & percussion we are likely to have in stock are Celtic Bodhrans, Tabla from India, Tars & Doumbeks from the Middle East, SinginTabla_Indiag Bowls from Nepal, Didjeridoos (both traditional and PVC), Gongs from China, Tongue drums, Kalimbas (including some exceptional ones from Germany) and much more. Please give us a call for more information.