Woodsounds Flutes

Haines_WoodsoundsWe of Woodsounds Flutes strive to create instruments that allow you to play the songs of your heart.

As you gaze upon your flute and enjoy the natural beauty of the wood your heart begins to warm. The curves of the flute in your hands are smooth and enjoyable to the touch. As the flute is raised to your lips you catch the sweet aroma of the wood, reminiscent of days when life was simpler. Your breath, the breath of creation, is transformed in the flute into sweet tones that caress the ear and heal the heart. It’s no secret that we search the world over for the best woods imaginable, in grades often considered unobtainable by many. Typically such wood is only used for the finest art carvings. We feel there’s no more elegant or finer use for a rare woods than flute making. Well cared for flutes can last for generations. For us, flutes played are like the fibers from earth’s trees calling out. Which burl do you select for your flute? It’s easy … which one calls to your feelings the most?

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