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These disks remind us that we are all one. One being combined with others to form a greater whole. Whole is the unity between the four worlds/kingdoms……

ANIMAL.. any living being other than man …. represented by the fur and feathers.
VEGETABLE … to set in the earth as seeds .. represented by the wood disks from the trees.
MINERAL ..inorganic substances ( rocks etc.) represented by the stones.
HUMAN .. mankind, people, human race … your connection when holding the disks…..

The wheel of life .. our pathway for spiritual growth.
The medicine wheel represents the …
Four directions ( north, south, west, east.)
Four nations/colors (red, white, black, yellow.) …
Four elements ( air, earth, water, fire.) …
Four seasons ( winter, summer, fall, spring.) …
Four cycles of life ( elder, adolescence, adult, baby)
Four Cycles of a Day (night, afternoon, evening, morning)
Mother Earth, Father Sky … US
Remember We Are Part of Everything

Approximately 2" in diameter.  Each disk reveals its own personality to Mandi when she encounters them in their natural surroundings.  She works with the stones to bring out that special uniqueness she sees within them.

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 Mandi Riley joined our Community in April, 2007.  She contributes to all of our products, but her greatest joy is working with Spirit to create her beautiful Goddess rattles and talking sticks.

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Unity Disk

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