“Kokopellis” Custom Painted Drum


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Artist: Rose Briseno, signed by the artist

Hide: Buffalo
Hoop: 18″ Deodar Cedar
Elk Suede Handle Wrap

The Kokopelli Legend

Petroglyphs of the image of Kokopelli are found carved on walls throughout the southwest dating back 3,000 years. The Anasazi and Hopi looked to Kokopelli to bring rain and fertility. His name means “koko” for wood and “pilau” for hump Kokopelli brings us happiness, fertility and long life. The hump on his back is said to be full of seeds, which are scattered over the earth to bring new crops. The flute being a phallic symbolism, some have called him the “Cassanova of the Cliff Dwellers.” He is also thought to be a prankster. In a Winnebago variation of the legend, he possessed a detachable penis he would float downstream which, undetected, would impregnate the maidens bathing in the river. In other legends, he would bring the Spring, his flute music warming the earth and causing the villagers to dance the night away. In the morning, the crops would be sprouting, and all the women would all be pregnant. In all, his music is thought to bring joy, a regeneration of life, and gaiety.

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