Key of E flat — Myrtlewood Flute — Ebony Fetish w/ Feather


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Key of G flat
Wood: Myrtlewood
Trim: Ebony wood fetish with carved feather
Serial #: 158-05
Length: 24 1/2 inches

MiguelHi, I’m Miguel Medina and here is a little about myself. At about 19 yrs of age, I chose to turn back to the Creator for help and guidance. Almost instantly my life turned around, and the healing journey began. This journey brought me to leave my home in New York and travel the country. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, and have made ends meet
on the road by crafting, leatherwork, jewelry, etc; selling at different craft
shows and flea markets along the way. While in Albuquerque, New Mexico I found my first flute. It was made by a friend and fellow musician. After giving me a few basic instructions, I learned very quickly and was a devoted flute player before long.

While vending at Trader Jacks flea market in Santa Fe, I met a flute maker named John EagleHeart. I watched him play the flutes while his son was napping next to him on a buffalo robe. I suppose he saw a gift in me and offered to teach me his craft. Within a week, I arrived at Johns house in Del Norte, Colorado, where I stayed for one month in his tipi, learning the art of flute making. This kind man is also a pipe carrier for the people, and poured for me, four of my first sweat lodge ceremonies, which is now a very important part of my life. This adventure was perfect for me, as John lived in this vast and beautiful desert with his wife and two children, in a home with no electricity or running water, and managed wonderfully. Truly a lesson of faith in the Creators ability to provide for us. The golden eagles that circled this land, were kind enough to bless me with one of their feathers, a symbol of the birth of my path on this Red Road, and the birth of SingingTree Flutes.

SingingTree Flutes has been in the works for eight plus years, having many different names before settling with this one. During this time, I have apprenticed many people, including Billy Spear of WildWood Flutes. We were neighbors for a long time sharing a workshop, as well as beliefs and a common goal. The goal being, to work with each other and other Artists to continuously improve our product, sharing ideas, advice and criticism. I truly believe our products are developing at an extremely rapid pace, thanks to the continuous feedback and “friendly competition” we offer each other. There is politics everywhere, including in the flute makers world, and I do my best to stay as far away from that as possible. I simply want to bring the healing beauty of the flute to people, in sound and aesthetics. Being an accomplished musician myself, I’m very critical with the tuning process, always using an electric tuner, and burning the holes for precision tuning. I demand that my flutes are perfectly tuned to themselves.

SingingTree’s “trademark flutes” are the Alternating Drone flute and the Major scale Drone flute which is similar to traditional Hungarian flutes for a beautiful Celtic sound. My flutes range in keys from high “G” to low “G”. They all are clear in sound, high tonal quality and good volume with a wide octave range. The styles and designs provided are all hand crafted by myself. The possibilities are unlimited. SingingTree’s flutes are never mass produced. Much time and care is taken in creating each and every flute. No flutes are sold until they have passed my final inspection. It is my obligation to assure your 110% satisfaction. You won’t be disappointed.


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