Horse 38 x 7 inch Ceremonial Drum w/ Stand

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This one of a kind Pow Wow Drum (sometimes called Thunder, Ceremonial, Community, Grandfather or Grandmother Drum)  is 38 inches in diameter and 7 inches deep.  Both sides are Horse rawhide.  The rim is Red Cedar.  It comes with a stand and four long beaters.

These drums are shipped in two oversized packages, please note the $35.00 additional shipping fee.

Horse takes us on the Shamanic Journey, keeping us in third dimensional reality so we may ride the vibration to the spirit world to get the healing we need for ourself and others. Horse is pure energy — Like lightning, it can transport us quickly through the cracks and crevices to the other side. Drumming with Horse will lead us to trance states and to the higher vibrations.

The Cedar tree is a powerful healing tree, and the flutes and drums constructed from the Cedar carry a superior resonance and healing energy. The Natives of the Northwest smudged with Cedar, used Cedar tea for healing and carved their totems and canoes from this sacred wood. Many songs were written about the healing energies of Cedar, and when a tree was taken, all parts of it were used for the healing and survival of the People.

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