Heartline Bear Rattle


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This Heartline Bear Rattle is approximately 9″ in length. The rattle shown here is representative.

“Bear is associated with the west on the medicine wheel of life. Bear medicine helps us enter the safety of the womb-cave … To attune ourselves to the energies of eternal mother and receive nourishment from the placenta of the great void where solutions and answers reside — known as going within … quieting the mind and entering the silence … trusting in the heart. This is the strength of bear.”

“This rattle is truly unique. A spirit guided creation. Rattles are used — as they have been for years in Ceremony, Prayer and Ritual — on all inhabited continents. In many cultures they are considered sacred and have medicine. The best way to ‘connect’ with a Rattle is to hold it and play it. Celebrate your senses. We are one.”

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