Drum Beaters



We make a variety of beaters or strikers for your drum. All are made with elk suede heads on sustainably harvested wooden handles. Our original beater (“soft”) has a pouch style head stuffed with fiberfill & bound with sinew onto a shaved willow or alder stick. Our hard beater contains a core of tightly wrapped cotton cloth covered with a circle of elk suede & bound with sinew. The handles for these beaters are left natural. These types of beaters create different vibrations — the hard beater gives you a sharper and more solid “hit”, while the soft beater gives you a smoother sound. For a little something different, we offer fancy beaters with leather, fur, feather and bead decorations. Every one is different and custom made. A variety of colors are available.

We offer both beater kits and the individual beaters heads & sticks, for those who would like to make their own.


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