Ancestor Two Talking Stick


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This stick is used to resolve unfinished business with those who have died and passed on to the other side. It is used as a Medicine Pipe so that time, space and dimension can be crossed to establish communication. Speaking across the Pipe in this way brings justice into one’s book of life. It settles Karmic debts so that old Patterns do no need to be continued or spiraled deeper in this life time.

Medium Talking Stick (approximately 16″ long), made with elk split leather, glass beads, rabbit fur and a feather.

Mandi60Mandi Riley joined our Community in April, 2007. She contributes to all of our products, but her greatest joy is working with Spirit to create her beautiful Goddess rattles and talking sticks.

Yes, of course we make custom talking sticks! Give us a call at 877-34 DRUMS & tell us what you want.

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