Our First Memory

“Our first memory when we are formed in the belly of the mother is that of our heartbeat and our mother’s heartbeat – two hearts beating as one”  — Patrick

As we begin our New year, there is something magic in the air.  This is the time we are most connected to the dream, so as I heard recently on a Link TV program, this is  the time to turn off the television and connect with your own visions!  I am so grateful for my friendships that have pulled me through some dark times and in the winter is the time for silence and reflection, and finishing what we start.

Holy-Well-St-288x300The North is the element of air, so we give thanks to the breath of life, and find those things that inspire us to the highest within.  We make the descent to face our demons and find the healing tears that can wash away our pain.  I loved visiting the holy wells of Ireland, and still have some of that water that is our medicine.  The pristine waters and wells help lubricate and hydrate us, as we are the water and we are the air.

Listen to your dreams and visions, and plant the seeds on fertile ground so that we share the abundance of the universe together.  so that our life flows as the rivers – slowly to the sea.   By following the drum, I have connected with my heart.  We pray for the courage to change the things we can and descend to the healing waters in our sacred mother that will allow our pent up tears to flow freely.

mandy2The mother earth longs for our tears.  I reflect on how much I love and appreciate Mandi for all that she is and does, and for being with me to help raise Jasmine in a way that can draw out her true potential.  I have many photos of  Mandi, but I have my favorites which reflect her beautiful essence.  Mandi draws out the highest in all that she touches, and has been the wind beneath my wings for many years now.

mandy3When you get to my age, you start to look at endings and what I have left unfinished to do or say.  The 12 steps have been my guideline for living a life of service, knowing that it is by giving that I receive, and that forgiving that I am forgiven.

My step mother has been diagnosed with cancer, and the medical doctors have done what they were trained to do by offering her options for dealing with what we all must face, lady death.  One of the paradoxes of recovery is that we have to die to live, yet when we follow the principals of the red road and the 12 steps, our lives become much less dictated by fear.

Tonight is our second session of the teachings of the North direction, and I hope to see you here as we walk around the wheel to complete our wholeness.  Tomorrow night is the second Wednesday which is mixed drumming, so come create some magic with us.

Many Blessings, Patrick, Mandi and Jasmine.


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