Due to the ice storm, I haven’t’ been able to get to bear creek for weeks, but this past Friday,  I drove to Carson to fetch the drum hoops that, due to the snow, had been delivered to the feed store in Carson.  I had time, so I drove to my property to check on things, and I experienced the passion of

The Ice Queen

mother nature.  This was the deepest and worst snowstorm in my 15 years as a property owner.  When I opened the shop door, The freezing temperatures had ruptured the water line to our refrigerator, and water was all over the floor throughout the shop.  I spent the next several hours mopping and sweeping the water out the door, and taking care to remove the electrical devices on the floor.  It is still a mess, but I made a big dent, and we hope to return this weekend with a little help from my friends and  Mother Nature.  I turned the main water off to the shop.  

Well, back to when I journeyed down Bear Creek Lane, I had to park at my neighbors and walk through the three feet of snow to my shop.    To add to the chaos, my truck couldn’t get up the hill and I was stuck.  Thanks Goddess for my new   neighbor, who allowed me to unload my stuff in her basement and helped me dig out  my snowbound truck.  My truck doesn’t have four wheel drive, so it just wouldn’t back up the hill.  She finally called a friend who brought his four wheel vehicle and towed me up the hill.  By then, the store had closed, so my day of adventure had accomplished nothing, yet I breathed and was awed by the quiet beauty of the deep snow, the friendship of my new neighbor who had gone through several power outages living with her 90 year old mother.  I returned to Portland and left bright and early the next day to fetch the hoops and bring them back to Portland.  As I witnessed my “disaster mind”, I was able to handle that situation with some level of mindfulness, and was grateful for the lesson in accepting the things I can’t change!  I was grateful for the warm home in Portland to return to.

Tomorrow at 7pm will be the third class of “The Teaching of the North”.  I invite you to come and walk together to further explore the ancient wisdom

of the wheel.  Wednesday is Men’s Drumming and sharing, and  I look forward to being with my brothers who so much lighten my life! 


5 thoughts on “Frozen”

  1. Blessings to you Patrick and that gorgeous property at Bear Creek, seeing all repairs coming together easily and effortlessly as you trust and surrender to that Divine Essence of all that is. Big hugs and lots of love, Jewell:)

  2. Blessings to you and your beautiful community, Patrick. And to the great spirit that kept you safe through all that inconvenience. May all the energy of the storm be manifest in the power of the drums that will hold this story.

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