Easy Does It, But Do It


maxresdefaultThis has been a “weird” week -computers won’t work, equipment breaking down and in spite of that,  business is great and off to a great start as far as abundance flowing with ease and grace. There is much to do to keep current on our orders, and both Mandi and I are working day and night to get the ship of CMD back on course.  Grace is a gift from the spirit world as is mercy, so this is the time to deeply connect with our values, ethics and ways to be.

I am so grateful for my friends who have supported me and support me in was that money cannot buy.  Mandi had the radio on OPB yesterday, and we heard an interview with Brother David, who is a favorite teacher of mine, a mystic and teacher of gratitude.  They asked him what he thought about what we are doing to our planet and the denial of global warming by multinational corporations and politicians.  He made the distinction between feeling anxious and afraid.  He commented that he was anxious about what was happening, yet hopeful that out of the destruction of the old is the birth of the new.  Fear tends to feed the black wolf, and kindness, seeing the highest in others, feeds the white wolf.  Hope springs eternal.

There are many forces of darkness lurking in secrecy, and many of us are waking up to the importance of taking our democracy back and breaking up the military industrial complex and “to big to fail” banks and  corporations that profit from war and exploit third world countries.

Our prayers, meditations and mindfulness help break the spells put on us by consumerism.  The simplicity of the serenity prayer keeps me on track, as well as the simple rule of H.A.L.T. – which was the simple suggestion to

.avoid getting too Hungry, too Angry, too Lonely or too Tired.

TonyCDreleasepartyposterWe are planning on attending the cd release concert by Tony Eagleheart Garcia on Thursday evening at McMenamins, Kennedy School on NE 33rd in Portland., and would love to see you there!

Tonight is our Teachings of the North teaching and healing circle, and tomorrow night is Shamanic Journeying.  Hope to see you here!!  Patrick, Mandi and Jasmine

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