Drum making in North Carolina and Washington


end of July 14th, 15th and 16th, I helped 15 people  birth their drums.  Over the years, i have trusted myself more just to be spontaneous, real and authentic spirit can work through me (the hollow bone).  I took a flute with me, and began to show them the relationship between flute (sky and father) to drum (earth and mother).  As we all do as we come into our Mother’s belly, we hear our heart and our mothers heartbeat – gradually, two hearts become one.  On Friday evening, we began in the waters of the west by immersing our hides and lacing in and under cool water in preparation for drum making on Saturday.  Some people who had ordered the thicker hides came on Thursday evening, as buffalo and moose takes more time in the water to hydrate.  Afterward, we had a sharing and drumming circle.

Saturday,  we helped each other birth 16 new drums.  We smudged our hoops and hides and made our prayers with our intention for use of the drum as they emerged to began their journeys with us.  I suggested they take their drums home and to state their intention for it’s use, and to learn to work “with” the drum by touching and molding the hide, or “training it”  They came on Sunday morning with their drums, so excited and ready to share their experience – some had painted their drums and all had amazing stories to tell.

This midwifery happened in Wilmington, North Carolina in the home of Laurie and Noah, who graciously gave of their space to have the workshop, and thanks to Noah and Laurie, the weekend went with ease and grace.  My journey east began in Columbus, Ohio on a “red eye” on July 4th, and culminated with the workshop.  I got to visit most of my closest living relatives and Jasmine got to see her sister again and to finally meet my son and her brother, Pat Jr.  I have had visions of swimming in the warm waters of the Atlantic and the healing it can do to my skin, and I manifested those in a wonderful five days of sun, surf and Drum creating.  The icing was making new friends and family!  I am constantly amazed when a group of mostly strangers to each other can create such intimacy in such short time.  We both had talking circles, sang songs and drummed together, many hearts beating as one – What joy … creating and sharing sacred space together, sharing the teachings and construction of the drum.  Thank you Laurie and Noah for your selfless service and amazing hosting!  I know we will meet again!

We will create drums and rattles once more in Carson, Washington Heartspace center on the weekend of August 18th, 19th and 20th just prior to the eclipse – come join us for a weekend of drumming, drum and rattle making from “scratch” (cutting and punching the head and lacing from a full hide)  and talking circles to process what we are learning.  We share food, functional community and heartspace.  Limited to 15, email me if interested and I will send details.  Blessings, Patrick


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  1. I would love to birth my own drum. If your this way again please let me know. I’m right out of Cincinnati Ohio. Or would be willing to host. Sharon

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