January 10th, 2017 for seven Tuesdays


Gateway to the Mind

A Seven Week Continuation Course
in the Teachings of the Ancient Wisdoms
of the Sacred Circle


North is the element of air, the winter, and that point where we begin the return of the light.  The North is the dreamtime where we journey to spirit every night.  We will study together the ancient wheels of Native American, Celtic, Buddhist and other cultures and the wisdom we can gain from them.  The North offers us many gifts if we work for them.   This is a teaching and healing circle, so not only are we learning, we are using the power of the circle to heal each other.   Together, we will uncover, discover and recover these gifts:


  • The Breath of Life – Movement and breathing
  • Ease and Grace -How fear blocks the flow
  • How to access with the dreamtime teachers
  • Right thinking
  • Organization and Order
  • The proper place of the intellect
  • Accessing our inner wisdom
  • Imagination
  • Discernment
  • Understanding
  • How to interpret hidden meanings
  • Meditation and mind discipline
  • The gift of detachment
  • Setting intention
  • Detachment

To be held on seven consecutive Tuesday evenings from 7-9 pm beginning January 10th, 2017.  Teaching and Healing classes have been offered at a suggested donation of $150, or $22 per class.  The present Work exchange or talent exchange can be negotiated, and no one will be turned away that are willing to exchange time, talent or treasure. 

Course taught by Patrick Pinson, M.A., of Mingo heritage and owner of Cedar Mountain Drums. He teaches from a place of knowing, integrating gestalt, play, years of experience on the Red Road and from his personal work with our own issues.