The autumn (West direction) time of year is the time that nature shows us to go within, down into and through our fears and back to heal the wounded child.  This “shadow” work is sometimes called the hero’s journey.  Water is the element with which we will be working — with its teachings of reflection, contemplation and that most precious quality of humility.  Mirrors are often used in the west as developing our sense of deep listening, the holy aspect of communication. We will practice and gain tools for deep listening from the “heart’s ear”.  The Bear is often associated with the west and the heart.  The whole hearted and Creative child emerges when the space is created where the child trusts.  This is the journey to the West.

Together, we will learn:

  • How to work with Chaos, emotions and the “leap” of Faith
  • Emotional Honesty
  • How to discover and use our Spirit Helpers
  • How to use dark & light bundles
  • How to access and use our Shamanic gifts
  • “The hollow bone”
  • Working with mirrors – “through the looking glass”
  • Uncovering & releasing barriers to our authentic nature

To be held on seven consecutive Tuesday evenings
from 7-9ish pm beginning October 16rd, 2018. 

There is a suggested donation of $150 for the series.  There is limited space (12-15), treasure clients given preference to time/talent exchange, which is available as space opens.  I exchange mutually agreeable time, talent or treasure (please call or email Mandi or Patrick to make arrangements). 

Cedar Mountain Drums Heartspace

2239 E. Burnside, Portland, OR 97214 (upstairs – steps on right side of retail store) 

For pre-registration or information, stop by store or
Call Cedar Mountain Drums (503) 235-6345 or email patrick@cedarmountaindrums.com


Course taught by Patrick Pinson, M.A., of Mingo heritage and owner of Cedar Mountain Drums. He teaches from a place of knowing, integrating gestalt, play, recovery from addictions, and years of experience on the Red Road.


Call Cedar Mountain Drums (503) 235-6345 or email patrick@cedarmountaindrums.com