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Drum making in North Carolina and Washington

Drum making in North Carolina and Washington. 

Among the greatest joys I know is helping others create their first drum.  Making the drum is a great venue for teaching how the breath (air) is

The breath of Life

involved in movement.  How often do we move while holding our breath?  To become mindful of this cessation of breathing is the first step toward ease and grace.  Holding on creates many perverted bodies, minds and spirits, dis-eases as we spend time  guarding and armoring our wounds rather than feeling and healing them.  On the week

Play and Balance

Lynn and Lewis

One of my best teachers of presence and heart was a man I met several years ago.  I was a fairly good racquetball player, very able to focus in the present, but my fear would come in and sabotage victory.  He reminded me that playing with my whole heart was the true nature of play, like the children.  I was addicted to “winning”, so I would get way ahead and then give up.  My false pride hated that.  We went on to form a short lived partnership that together, we would revive the spirit of play in America.  He taught me the simple act of hitting the ball to each other rather than  away from.  He invited me to begin using my atrophied side to gain more balance.  My relationship with the man taught me the importance of suiting up and showing up.  I journeyed to Marin County, California every month to complete 500 hours of “teacher training”.  I completed that task and my life changed.  I saw the correlation of grace and ease and how much I distract myself in my victim consciousness.  At the time I smoked tobacco, and I was the only one in the class who used tobacco.  I carried my shame well as I have always seemed to argue for the right to kill myself.  Many say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  I went on to look deeply into my life in AA’s “searching and fearless inventory” step.  Image result for the beauty way imagesGranted, I focused on what wasn’t working rather than what my assets were.  My guide or “sponsor” reminded me about the “white wolf” –seeing the beauty inside.  My next major learning was two years of “walking around the wheel” a course that was offered by some Souix teachers about the importance of balance.  I learned to make my first drum there, and I was hooked like an unaware trout.  I began to slowly shift my addictive nature into drum making.  I had no “intention” for making drums other than the joy it brought me.  One of the questions I was asked  by the first teacher was:  What would you give your whole heart to? My vision of Heartspace is the answer to that question.  From the lower world comes the fire-bird, the eagle that arises out of the ashes.  Can I attune my vibrations to that of the fire, air, earth and water.  Each element as each season have a teaching, and my 20 acres was/is to be a model of what can be replicated, yet part of the teachings are that growth has to be organic or it won’t last.  So my shifting into a real and authentic luster has taken and takes practice, polish, time, space, patience and faith and trust.  We are led by our breath and give thanks for the breath of life – our inspiration. 

Summer Solstice Sweat Lodge

In the Celtic tradition the sweat lodge has four doors, and the door that we enter changes with the seasons. Image result for images of celtic sweat lodge The summer solstice, (the longest day) represents the time when there is plenty for all.  We will enter the South door.  The preparation for lodge involves a continuing personal inventory, searching inside for what behaviors we wish to release that are self defeating.  Perfectionism, The need to “be right” rather than be real signifies an inflated ego.  As we mature, our values shift and we begin to gain wisdom to the extent we do the inner work.  The gifts of the south direction include an appreciation for the arts and the higher forms of expression – theater, art and music that restores the soul.  In the south, we evolve sexual energy into noble passion, a passion for life and an appreciation of the finer things in life.  The Senecas believed that we go into the womb of the mother when we enter the lodge, to burn away all of the separating beliefs we pick up outside of the lodge.  Going into the lodge is to remember when we were in our mothers belly, hearing our mothers heartbeat and our owhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/c6/2c/38/c62c38f4735a5e9ee38b72b269c32d89.jpgn heartbeat, two hearts beating as one. This is yin time – honoring the earth and the abundance our sacred earth provides.  The south is the zenith of the light, restoring our visions for the next seven generations.  On Saturday June 24th, we will light our fire at noon and enter the lodge around three.  If you are interested in being a part of this lodge, please contact me, as their is limited space.  I will send out the protocol to those who reserve a space along with directions to our bear creek property in Carson, WA.  patrick@cedarmtndrums.com

“Musings on the East to South Directions”

Bald Eagle Feather

A few year ago, I wrote and posted on the site my “Ways to Be”, which came to me as a stated intention to make each day – to stay in my own hoop, speak from the “I” rather than you or we, and to respect boundaries and agreements.  Recovery means becoming mindful, and moving from misery to happiness.  Continue reading ““Musings on the East to South Directions””

“Two hearts beating as one”


There is a deep interconnectedness of all life on earth, from the tiniest organisms, to the largest ecosystems, and absolutely between each person.” Bryant McGill

bear creek

The spring fed creeks and rivers come from our sacred Mother Earth, and give us energy and the medicine of life – our clean waters, where trout and salmon abide.  We take loving care of what we hold as sacred, beginning with self.  Continue reading ““Two hearts beating as one””