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Summer Solstice Sweat Lodge

In the Celtic tradition the sweat lodge has four doors, and the door that we enter changes with the seasons. Image result for images of celtic sweat lodge The summer solstice, (the longest day) represents the time when there is plenty for all.  We will enter the South door.  The preparation for lodge involves a continuing personal inventory, searching inside for what behaviors we wish to release that are self defeating.  Perfectionism, The need to “be right” rather than be real signifies an inflated ego.  As we mature, our values shift and we begin to gain wisdom to the extent we do the inner work.  The gifts of the south direction include an appreciation for the arts and the higher forms of expression – theater, art and music that restores the soul.  In the south, we evolve sexual energy into noble passion, a passion for life and an appreciation of the finer things in life.  The Senecas believed that we go into the womb of the mother when we enter the lodge, to burn away all of the separating beliefs we pick up outside of the lodge.  Going into the lodge is to remember when we were in our mothers belly, hearing our mothers heartbeat and our owhttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/c6/2c/38/c62c38f4735a5e9ee38b72b269c32d89.jpgn heartbeat, two hearts beating as one. This is yin time – honoring the earth and the abundance our sacred earth provides.  The south is the zenith of the light, restoring our visions for the next seven generations.  On Saturday June 24th, we will light our fire at noon and enter the lodge around three.  If you are interested in being a part of this lodge, please contact me, as their is limited space.  I will send out the protocol to those who reserve a space along with directions to our bear creek property in Carson, WA.  patrick@cedarmtndrums.com

“Musings on the East to South Directions”

Bald Eagle Feather

A few year ago, I wrote and posted on the site my “Ways to Be”, which came to me as a stated intention to make each day – to stay in my own hoop, speak from the “I” rather than you or we, and to respect boundaries and agreements.  Recovery means becoming mindful, and moving from misery to happiness.  Continue reading ““Musings on the East to South Directions””

“Two hearts beating as one”


There is a deep interconnectedness of all life on earth, from the tiniest organisms, to the largest ecosystems, and absolutely between each person.” Bryant McGill

bear creek

The spring fed creeks and rivers come from our sacred Mother Earth, and give us energy and the medicine of life – our clean waters, where trout and salmon abide.  We take loving care of what we hold as sacred, beginning with self.  Continue reading ““Two hearts beating as one””

Changing – the shift

Image result for hands and heart images
the drum is the heartbeat of our Mother Earth.


The drums I make have taught me so much over the years – how my hands and my heart are connected.  The drums are constantly changing, as are we.  The book I am currently reading “The Hidden life of Trees”Image result profoundly shifts the consciousness from “we are masters of the earth” to “The earth is our mother, Continue reading “Changing – the shift”


Due to the ice storm, I haven’t’ been able to get to bear creek for weeks, but this past Friday,  I drove to Carson to fetch the drum hoops that, due to the snow, had been delivered to the feed store in Carson.  I had time, so I drove to my property to check on things, and I experienced the passion of Continue reading “Frozen”

Seeing with soft eyes

My grandpa gave me my first shotgun, and taught me how to use it.  He both hunted and fished, and did well in terms of bringing home the game would coach us to never kill unless we ate our kill.  When squirrel hunting he would keep moving yet sit me down at the base of a tree and tell me to be very quiet and to look with “soft http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-jkcauowYY64/VEQbzoEs5xI/AAAAAAAAC3o/vhGMar05KBY/s1600/soft%2Beye.jpgeyes”.  used to tell me to look at the patterns not the form.  The healthy eye constantly moves, and the puritans called this the the “shifty eyed”.  We all are indigenous here.

Continue reading “Seeing with soft eyes”


Many best selling books have been written about being in the present and seeing things clearly, yet not a lot about how to practice this.  In our home is a small ping-pong table  that Mandi and I have used for years.  I also use it in my classes to teach mindfulness and tracking.  I practic

Taylor and I at play

e using both hands.  Learning to drum requires finding a center where both sides can work independently and interdependently.  I have played hitting every other shot with my off side, thus doing something physical to restore me to sanity(balance).  In indigenous cultures walking in balance is walking in sanity, as sanity is defined as balance.

In Toltec teachings, tracking is a way to release barriers to our freedom of choice: “to see or not to see” is the question.  When I have the courage to stay with the ball all of the time, I am practicing another kind of mindfulness.  In my 500 hours of post graduate studies in play therapy and addiction, I learned so much about myself that was so much deeper than using pen and word, ie steps four and five.  An inventory is a balance of positive and negative, and successful business have a bit more income flowing in than going out.  When we apply these principals in “all of our affairs”, we are feeding the white wolf more than the black wolf, and a balance is ideal. 

To appreciate you is to elevate your value.  In AA, they told me they would love me until I could love myself. 

Little Jasmine is caught in the spell of  “victim”  consciousness inflicted by predatory women, and as with most “pride blinded” is blinded to the truth.  Jasmine won’t look me in the eye.  Carried shame runs deep in addicts/alcoholics who “use” their children,  and still practicing black magic, who take the path of self destruction. and are so self absorbed that they think only in terms of win/lose. I now have healthy women in my life who can model real and authentic.  In facing my demons inside and “hitting bottom” in my addiction to alcohol, I was able to build on a solid foundation.

I thank my God for the real and authentic friends – those precious few that lighten my burdens!  “Don’t hear the words, listen to the music”

” Winter – The North and the White Buffalo”

Jan 1, 2017

On my north facing wall hangs a painting of four horses and riders and a drum I made with a white buffalo painted on .  Drum artist Rose did the artwork.  This was a collaboration of drum maker and artist – crafts and art.  I have come to know the truth of the Mayan cosmology that time is art.    Continue reading “” Winter – The North and the White Buffalo””