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We keep throwing money at the problem rather than fund a solution. In counseling school and my years directing Capital Campaigns I have learned the first step is to identify the problem. I would argue that part of the problem is our collective “no” isn’t believable. I have just looked at my checkbook to see what I am investing in. Where my treasures are is also my heart. Less and less of my purchases are “impulsive” and more and more are aligned with my deep core values.
In AA’s 12 steps, the first step is to admit my powerlessness, which is nearly impossible for the inflated ego. One of the tools I picked up which is in my “medicine bag” was that good ideas don’t raise money, crisis does. I must admit my powerlessness in order to create the space for spirit to enter. I am a spiritual being in a human experience and my first prayer is to thank my creators for the breath of life. To clear the air is to eliminate the clear cutting of our forests and practice the principals of harvesting and sharing as outlined in the wonderful book that I have given away many copies of “Braiding Sweetgrass”. If you honor and love yourself, you will take loving care of you and that ripples out to all you care about -this is my/your true nature. We take loving care of what we hold as sacred.. In drumming circles I have learned the art of letting go of attachment to “right/wrong”, good/bad, win/lose and just listening to my own heartbeat and to honor that, which will lead me into sync with others doing the same. This is the independent/interdependent way which replaces the co-dependent ways of putting self love last. Capitalism feeds on “jobs” and top down flows which are becoming trickles of $ What once served the people the people are now serving. More and more of my income goes out to taxes to fund wars and the pockets of billionaires. Cessation involves not taking the first drink. My yes means nothing until my no is believable. I practice this by the one day at a time practicing a balance life of work, play love and the support of good friends and functional community.
The Aluna is emerging and the old “hiding in bigness” is dying. Resentments have no life when we quit “feeding” them. Fund spiritual centers rather than churches, where the true nature of service to the down and out is carried out, eliminating “borders” and Uniting the divided once more.

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