Shamanic Journeying

To the question of your life, you are the answer, and to the problems of your life, you are the solution.”  —  Joe Cordare

Jasmine and I picked Mandi Sunday evening from her trip to London, and she had a good visit with her children and grandchildren.  I certainly have missed her, as I have been the chief cook and bottle washer around here.  it is wonderful to have her back from England!  Thank you Joanna, Bob and Martha and Ted and to all who have helped me through my severe neck pain and offered help while Mandi was away!

This week is the forth Wednesday, so Shamanic Journeying will happen here, same time – 7-9, though I am unsure who will be leading the circle.  I have been asked to give a talk that evening, and won’t be leading this weeks circle.  Last week, I had asked for feedback on two versions of our new and revised website, and only heard back from one person – please, if you can look again, give me your preference, and now it seems split between light and dark backgrounds.(see last week’s blog for links).

As we prepare for the spring equinox sweat lodge, this is the time for seeding thoughts of creating new life – preparing the soil for planting in the spring the seeds that can stoke the creative fires of the East.  The Firebird, the Phoenix and the idea of Resurrection predates the Christian Easter and is centered around the Spring Equinox.  We will enter the lodge through the East door of our bear creek lodge on March 19th.  The preparation for those planning on attending the lodge is to begin to make your prayers to the gifts of the East, the gifts of the child and the realm of the eagle.  We will heat the stones in the fire – I have one who has volunteered to tend the fire, and enter the lodge to return to spirit and purge all of the beliefs that separate us from our authentic and true nature.  Nature heals, and awakens our deep connection to the natural and nature.  Love isn’t love until you give it, and the children and its wisdom are gifts of the east, along with “a love that does not know itself”.

Please let me know if you can are planning on attending or would like to reserve a space.  I usually go over the Friday prior to the Ceremony, and could use some help in preparing our lodge for the sweat on Saturday.

crocusI have stayed in Portland for three weekends now, and I long to be in the natural sounds of bear creek to restore my own soul and light.  I love my daily walks around the neighborhood and seeing the emerging spring manifest so early. Jasmine has missed school for a couple of days and we are adjusting to the balance of family, work, play and our spiritual progress.

To awaken each day with new eyes is the simplicity of living one day at a time.  I can feel the creative fires returning as we approach the “ides of March”, and we can all renew our hope for a more loving and peaceful world, letting that begin with me being more loving and peaceful.  Blessings and may the fires of the east  burn away all that isn’t sacred from our essence so that our true authentic light can shine!

Patrick, Mandi and Jasmine

2 thoughts on “Shamanic Journeying”

  1. My name is misty i waz encouraged tu seek u out by a fellow AA member curt….a lil chit chat broght connection in simularity of experience and intetests…i am both unsure and sure of things..i know i know lil and experience enff i am ready for resurrection…ive hooked intu curiosity of shamanic journeys and have desired tu sweat…i dont know the edicate requirements or fees or initiationz in order tu continue my search…mayb u can guide me…thank u

    1. Hi Misty,
      I have a sweat lodge in Carson on March 18th that you are welcome to attend. If you come to a circle, you can learn more – this week (tomorrow night) is mixed drumming from 7-9 pm. Hope to see you there. Blessings, Patick

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