The Happy Road to Destiny

“We gather together to ask the lords blessings.”  Old baptist hymn

Confession-and-ForgivenessA lot of my fellow 12 step travelers on the happy road to destiny come to embody the wisdom taught by the simple laws of confession, restitution and service.  In preparing for Spring Equinox ceremony, it is good to go within for soul searching and do an honest appraisal of our strengths and weaknesses, and do the reparation work of listing  all of the people who we have harmed (beginning with me) and became willing to make amends. Notice daily our mind talk and to correct our course when off course.  I aspire to live in a way that does not create new wreckage.  Restitution is for the soul, and restores us to sanity or balance.  This is walking my talk.

Many of us are losing our loved ones, and I have heard so many stories of being with our aging parents and the sometimes difficult task of helping them go back to spirit. We all are on that journey, and it is when things end that we learn to appreciate what we have, or the attitude of gratitude and allow the new day in with the wonder of a child.

Last night, my men’s group – all eight guys met as we have for 28 years every other week, and invested a couple of hours together sharing our journey.   Being with the same guys that long has reaped many rewards and offered many challenges.  In some ways, we know each others stories,  and what is true is that we care about each others welfare.

guitarWinter is a time to have places where I can gather my life force, and I am so blessed to have bear creek to retreat to.  Nature nurtures and feeds our soul’s fire.  This needs daily tending, which means learning to sing again like the birds and to open more to the mystery and the mystical.  I keep a guitar at bear creek, and I love singing songs and actually putting together the chords, strumming and singing without blame or judgment.  How important for us to recharge the light on groundhog day!  Did we see our shadow?

In this new year, much positive has happened  life.  “Put the person together and the world falls in place”.  People who haven’t made the decent into the darkness know little of its fruits.  hideDuring my two years with teachings for each direction, and we made altars, which are outside representations of the holy inside.   I was shown how to make light and dark bundles, which I still use today.  The dark wolf needs to be acknowledged and kept in place.  What I resist will persist, so, the more I can move into the unknown, I expand my world view.

Bear creek and a couple of days of “mindless being” refreshes my soul.  I begin to see the beauty and treasure in nature, and awaken to my own inner beauty. I am making a new beginning today, cherishing this day and focusing on what is working in my life rather than what isn’t.

mossIn my years as a fund raising consultant, I learned much from working with wealthy and busy people, who did not let fear block them from living their lives authentically.  I was amazed by how simple their lives were, and how delightful they were to be around.  The real treasures of life are not what I accumulate, rather what legacy I leave here.

An old friend asked me what I was going to do with my business when I pass on, and that he was interested in buying it.  I was also asked to consider doing an Ojibwa Ceremony at bear creek, and I told him I would pray about it and speak with my family and neighbors.

Tomorrow night is Men’s drumming.   The circle where we sit and share at each drum circle and teaching and healing circle is sacred to me, and is where we place the drums prior to going into the store.  They are sanctified in that space.  In making drums, the more mindful I can be, the more I can feel the healing that drum might do, and to give thanks for its gift of life that I might see the holy in each drum I make and the gifts of each one I meet.

The spring is stirring on this groundhog day, and we can all use this time to get in touch with and express our gratitude for those around us who touch our heart approaching Valentines Day.
Mandi (who touches my heart) is taking a much needed vacation to London to be with her children, and Jasmine and I will be alone for ten days this month, and opportunity abounds to practice patience and tough love when needed.  and discerning when my giving is out of a “need”… and truly from my heart.

We have many fallen trees out at bear creek, and as I walked around, I appreciated the wisdom of those trees who provide me with firewood, rattle handles and drum sticks, talking sticks, flutes and the foundation of my drums, the wooden hoop.  Staying right size and in my own hoop is my daily task, choosing to see the beauty in nature and my brothers and sisters rather than their defects.

Hope to see my brothers tomorrow night and who might show up tonight!

Blessings, Patrick

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